Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pantry Organization

I organize my pantry about once a year and it has been past time to do it again. It's so hard to keep my pantry organized and clean since my kids have access to it. It's gotten really messy and unorganized so it was time for the undertaking of a year of neglect.
The first thing I did was take EVERYTHING out and put it onto my kitchen table, then I washed off the shelves. I didn't think about taking a picture of all the junk on the table until I had already started putting things back in.
I already had this door hanging thing that I got from Walmart a couple years ago. I put my garbage bags, ziploc bags, tinfoil and wax paper and all that stuff in it.
 Here's the inside all organized! It looks so much better, I'm hoping the way I've organized it that it will stay that way.
 Here's the top shelf, things we use less often are on it but still easily accessible. I labeled everything. Don't be afraid to label something, if you decide not to keep something in a container or decided to change it to something else you can always re-label it. I used to not label things because I didn't want it to be definite just in case I changed it. Now I've realized that I need to label things, that just because it has a label doesn't mean I can't switch it and give it a new label.
 Here's the second shelf. I decided to have baskets that contain all the items (except for cold items) needed for one dinner. So on this shelf I have 3 baskets containing a dinner in each one. I had a little extra room for some other stuff like spaghetti noodles and taco seasoning and other stuff.
 This next shelf has 3 more baskets containing more items needed for dinners. So I have 6 baskets to put one meal each in. So, I'll go shopping when these are gone and buy enough items for 6 meals then go home and put them away into theses baskets. When it's time to make dinner, whoever is making it can just grab a basket and start making it. I already did this tonight and it was much simpler and I didn't regret making dinner so much because I had all the items I needed already in one location. I'm super excited!! I got these baskets for $1 at the Dollar Tree. This shelf is a lot wider than the top two shelves so I was able to fit a lot of stuff behind the baskets. I have nice Tupperware storage containers for most of my items that take up too much space and needed to be in better containers, also keeping them fresh.
 Here is the bottom shelf containing snacks and small packets, #10 can items and dry ingredients like sugar and flour. I need to get some more of the huge Tupperware storage containers for more items. If you're interested in any Tupperware storage containers like you see here, or any other Tupperware you can find them here at My Tupperware shop. They make for simple organizing. Tupperware is also where I got my nice big roll of labels.
 On the bottom shelf I had lots of room so I put stuff I use less often behind the stuff I use more often. I did make it so I could access it all easily though. I just need to remove the things in front which will be easy and then I can get to the stuff behind. In the picture below I had removed the items from in front of one section.
 I have mine and the kids aprons hanging on the side of the wall inside the pantry.
 On the opposite wall I have this Tupperware Place for Seals container to hold all my lids. I also have my dust pan hanging on this wall. My broom and mop and mop buck sit on the bottom of the pantry floor and lean against the wall.
I really think this will help my pantry stay organized longer. I haven't left much room for additional things to be placed inside it. I'm fortunate to have a nice storage room in the basement that I put extra food in. I do need to organize it, especially now that I've added to it...that will be another day. Again if you're interested in Tupperware go here My Tupperware shop. Boy does it feel good to have this project done!!


  1. That looks really great Kristi! Let's see, which room would you like to do at my house?

  2. What a great idea to put all the things for one meal in a basket. Very smart!