Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hiking To The P

Today my kids and I along with Tina and her kids hiked up the the Payson P. The weather was really good until we got almost to the top.
 Crossing the crazy rickety bridge!
 Let's just say with my poor balance I was a little nervous to cross this with Skylar but we managed, even though my legs were shaking.
 It didn't take long for the boys to get ahead.
 Skylar's really excited!

Tina with Mason and Landon walking in front of her with his short little legs. Kadin went down to lend him his jacket and help him up the hill.
 There they go again, running ahead. Oh by the way,we took the long way up but it wasn't as steep as the short way.
 So cute! Landon and Skylar helping each other out!
 They did really good!
 Of course the kids made it before us, there's Kadin clear at the top of the P.
We made it! Ok so I haven't even hiked up to a letter before so I had no idea they were made from cement! Crazy but smart and duh!!!
Looking down on Payson. Um we probably better start heading down...after a few pictures. Look at that storm coming in!
 They're so happy we made it!
We're potty training Skylar right now and she's doing really good. Maybe my easiest because she just turned 3, we'll have to see how the rest goes but so far easy. Anyways, this was the first time she went pee outside, she thought it was so funny she was peeing on the P (not literally, she peed in bushes but still funny).
 Fisher, Kendyl, Levi, Jonah and Kadin!
 Jonah, me and Skylar.
 Jonah, Mason, Tina and Skylar.
 Headed down.
 The short, steep way. It started raining pretty good and was really windy while we were up there.
 There's a trail to the left in this picture.
 Fun times!

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  1. I bet the children had tons of fun! What great moms!