Friday, April 13, 2012

Chipped Tooth

Ok I thought all our troubles ended along with March but apparently we weren't done yet. I think I need to wrap my kids up in bubble wrap. First Kadin's arm, then Levi's stitches, then Skylar's finger now this. I was thinking (until last month) that we were a pretty lucky family and that my kids weren't clumsy like their mom! Ok, so maybe they're not THAT bad, but still!
Today Kadin was riding his scooter, slowly just on the driveway. I was at work and Kerby says Kadin was pretending to crash but actually did crash, he fell flat on his face on the cement. He didn't even have time to put his arm down to stop himself.
I called the Dentist and they are out of the office till Monday. I was able to talk to one of them though and he said to find the piece of tooth and put it in a bag of water, so I have a piece of Kadin's tooth hanging' out in my fridge! Kadin says it doesn't hurt too bad, mainly only when he sucks or pushes on it.


  1. Ouch! That is a bad one. Too bad. I remember a friend of mine when I was going to 3rd or 4th grade, we both went home for lunch. One day we stopped to play teatherball, and the ball was caught up high so I was lifting her up to get it and her tooth hit the pole and broke much the same way. She went home screaming. I am amazed Kadin says it doesn't hurt too bad.

    1. He cried a lot but it wasn't hurting much after he calmed down.

  2. Aw. I’m sorry about Kadin’s tooth. I hope the dentist was able to fix the chipped part. Having a chipped tooth can cause a lot of dental problems. For one, the patient will have difficulty in biting or chewing food. It should be restored as soon as possible.