Friday, September 28, 2012


Today Kadin chipped his tooth off again!! Remember this post Everything Kristi!: Chipped Tooth? Well, now it's worse. I don't know if the dentist will be able to save his tooth this time. Poor kid! They were walking home from school and Kadin was throwing the soccer ball up and catching it.  Fisher thought it would be fun to throw a rock at the soccer ball and try to knock it out of Kadin's hands. Well, the rock hit Kadin's mouth, not the ball. His tooth just shattered and his lip was bleeding pretty bad. We'll have to see what the dentist says Monday. Last time the tooth wasn't hurting, unless he ate with it. This time the air hitting it hurts it some so we'll see if we even make it till Monday.
When I got home from work today Nate and Angela, (who's 5 days past her due date) my brother and sister in-law had made dinner. They cooked some pike Nate and his boys caught and some really yummy pasta. I don't know for sure what's in it but I'll be asking her because it was so good! Thanks Angela! 

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