Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Wedges in Cinnamon Red Hot Syrup

Today Tina and I made these and I can't wait to open up a jar and eat some after they've sat in the syrup for a few days! They were so good after putting the apples in the syrup. I can imagine how good they'll be after they soak up more flavor! Very, very tasty! I got the recipe from this Canning with Kids blog (yes my kids even helped some) my mother in-law told me about.  At first it looked a little complicated (I see a semi long list of ingredients and automatically think it's hard) and be expensive to make but it really was really easy, sticky, but easy. She says to use a 4 inch cinnamon stick in each jar but I broke them in half and put only have a stick in each jar then in the syrup I added a little ground cinnamon to compensate for the smaller cinnamon sticks.  Also she peeled and sliced the apples into wedges, so that's what we did at first but then I decided it would work just as well to use the apple peeler, corer and slicer thingy that does it all at once with thin slices. It seems to have worked just fine, so I'll continue to do that. Yum, my mouth is watering just thinking about tasting them! This woman, or whoever first created this was a genius! I want to make more but need to go to bed. I think when I make more in a couple days I will try adding some pineapple too. YUM!!!
Thanks Nita for the apples!!!
Oh I almost forgot to show you what Skylar did tonight while I was finishing up a batch. She got into my mascara!!! I love how she put some on her eyebrow, so funny since she's never seen me put makeup on my brows. She did an excellent job on her lashes though, until she got it all over the rest of her face.  How can I be mad about this, it's pretty funny and she just wanted to be like me. So, I decided to take some pictures and show them to her and tell her she looked pretty (she thought she looked funny) but to ask me before she used my makeup.

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