Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breath Kristi, Breath

We had planned to go and roast hotdogs and marshmallows tonight. But today while I was at scouts (8 rowdy but fun boys) Kerby called and said he stopped in Springville on his way home from work and couldn't get the car to start again. So I said I'd come get him after scouts if he needed me too and that scouts would probably be done early. We didn't end early, although we would have been a lot longer than planned had Jessica not helped us deliver some of the invites we were delivering. Thanks Jessica for your help, you're a lifesaver! After scouts we went to the gas station he was at and he had taken out what he thought was the starter for the car. We drove to Auto Zone so they could test it to see if that was the problem. Kerby came out of there saying he has the wrong part, that it wasn't the starter he removed. So, we drove back and he removed the starter while we ate in Subway that was attached to the gas station. Then we drove back to Auto Zone with the correct part and guess what? It worked! Their little thing they test it with showed that it wasn't the problem. So, back to the gas station to try to figure out the next move. Now, the car has had trouble starting the past month or so but we didn't know why. Kerby reinstalled the starter while I googled on my kindle about what the problem could be. We think that it may be the ignition or something else (I can't remember what he said). So, after struggling with a hidden bolt for quite a while he got it back in. Went and turned the key and it STARTED!!!!!!!!! That was very good news for us because that meant I didn't have to tow back the car. Now we still have problems with it but at least we got it home and know it will start after a while. I had the kids finish their homework and read but to be honest half the time the kids were driving me crazy being shut up in the Tahoe waiting. Teasing, screaming, jumping up and down, teasing, trying to climb out the windows, crying, upset that our plans were ruined, teasing, whining, opening and closing doors (luckily it was evening time so it wasn't hot) and teasing! Gotta admit, it wasn't my favorite night! I also admit I love my kids like crazy! Glad we made it home and settled down the kids. Kids +small spaces=madness (sometimes). Good night everyone. Oh ya and I'm so grateful that Kerby knows how to fix a vehicle, or at least that he can call his dad if he's not sure of the problem himself, or sometimes Jason!

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