Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dodge ball, Wedding & The Piano Guys

Today was a really fun today. This morning the kids and I went and played dodge ball for an hour with our ward against another ward in our stake. We won so we went back 2 hours later and played for another hour, this time with Kerby because he was back from his scout campout. Well, we won that ward too so went back an hour later for the final game and our ward won that one too. It was a lot of fun and now tons of muscles in my body are pretty sore. It was actually a pretty good workout. 
Then we went to Spanish Fork's Harvest Moon Hurrah and the kids played games and had a lot of fun. I forgot to bring my camera but Tina took hers and we got some pictures with it so I took her memory card home with me so I could download them to my computer but the memory card doesn't fit into my monitor. So, no pics of that.
Then Kerby and the kids stayed at the park to get ready to listen to John Schmidt play the piano while I went to a really beautiful wedding. My good friend Caryl's daughter JoAnna got married today and seeing her married and her younger sisters as bridesmaids really made me feel old. JoAnna was a beehive when I was at the end of the 2 years I was young women's secretary for our ward so that really was crazy. She was such a beautiful bride and they look like a really happy couple. 
After that I went back to the Harvest moon hurrah and we got to see The Piano Guys play their awesome music. John Schmidt has so much talent and he was so funny!  I took a picture with my phone and this was the best I could get, so really you can't see anything. All my kids except for Kadin ended up leaving and going home with Tina while we stayed. Kadin thought John Schmidt was pretty cool, but we sat so far back and couldn't hear very well because so many teens were talking around us that I don't know if being able to watch John Schmidt motivated him much to want to practice playing piano more. We'll see though, he did really enjoy it. I'll have to show him some videos of him. It was a really long, fun day.

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