Saturday, September 8, 2012

California Trip

My trip to California was way too short! It was super fun though! I went to go to my sister Maren's wedding on a cruise ship. I really, really wish I had been able to go on the cruise! It looked so fun!
I flew there with my parents and my sisters daughter Kiani and my aunt, uncle and cousin. It was Kiani's first airplane ride. Here she is playing peekaboo.
 Waiting to board and so excited to get onto that plain!
 Playing with Grandpa.
 Kiani is one lucky girl! They let her sit in the cockpit and wear the pilots hat. She was so excited and thought this was really where she was going to sit so she started putting her seat belt on. Gotta admit I was a little jealous! :)
 Outside the window before takeoff.
 She's so excited! I am excited to some day watch my kids do this.
 I love seeing views this high!
 I lucked out big time on the flight there, no one sitting to my left...
 or right! They were taken when I looked online but guess they didn't show. I had even switched to this seat so I could be up by my family, my previously planned seat and the ones next to it were full!!!
 Sippin' some Gingerale
I loved the clouds.
 We finally met up with Kylee, Matt and Brooke. Brooke was having fun balancing the cup on her head.
 We went to Manhattan Beach Pier and shopped around a little bit before going for a swim. We tried cupcakes from this little cupcake shop (I can't remember the name of it now). They were winners of Cupcake Wars in 2011 so we just had to try a cupcake.
 So exciting! Almost there.
 Kylee forgot to pack a swimming suit for Brooke so she's just in her diaper. She still had just as much fun!
 This is right after she stuck her whole face and head on top of the sand.
Yuck! Kylee, you have a very long tongue!!!
 There were some pretty big waves.
 Love your face Kylee! A huge wave had just come in and gotten them pretty wet.

 We had gone a little too far so the wave was pulling us in. It was fun!
We did actually swim, but by that point the camera was put away. We swam till I snorted the water, which burned for a long time! But hey, I believe it got rid of my cold that I started to get the night before!
 I loved walking by all these houses, looked like a fun place to live, minus the traffic.
 On the pier.
 Lots of people were fishing, maybe I can drag Kerby here after all.
 Grandpa and Brooke walking to the birds.
 This made Brooke a little nervous.
 Cool starfish. We got to touch them with one finger.
 A super long eel.
 Some little sharks.
 A stingray.
 It came over to my hand and kept trying to jump/slide out of the water.
 So cool to see these Jellyfish.
 On the drive to go to dinner the sunset became beautiful and I barely snapped this picture before we turned.
 Brooke was exhausted.
 We stopped to eat at The Habit Burger Grill. I got a Teriyaki Charburger with grilled pineapple and it was very good. I can see people being addicted to those burgers!
 Getting ready for Maren's wedding. Brooke looks so pretty in her yellow dress and pink hair bows. They fell out and one broke so we redid her hair but it was still adorable.
 Looking out our hotel window.
 Here's our view.
Ok we're at the cruise ship. We were supposed to go wait on the Queen Mary for a couple hours but they didn't have us do that. We were a little sad we didn't get to go inside.
 Not sure what that building is but it looks cool with all the palm trees around it.
 Kiani went to Disneyland for the day on Saturday and she got these little cars. While we were waiting to board the cruise ship she was serving them this little salad she created for them with bark and grass. :) So cute!
 Maren and Josh, excited to just get this done!
 There's the cruise ship! I was so excited to step inside one.
 So cool already!
 The view from the deck.
 Part of the water slide.
 There's the Queen Mary we were supposed to hang out in.
 Here is Kylee playing around with the bathroom hand blow dryer! So funny!

We ate the cruise ship buffet for lunch then went to the wedding!
Here is the reason I went, watch the video for lots of pics of my sister Maren's wedding. It was fun and I'm glad I was able to come.  Maren you were gorgeous in your wedding dress and Kiani was so pretty.

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