Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oliver's 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrated my nephew Oliver's 2nd birthday. What a cute little guy he is, and always smiling! He's full of energy and makes everyone feel happy!
He spent half the time, climbing through this bar.
Look at Jonah's face (in the green), I love it! It's priceless! He's trying to hurry and get down before Kerby catches him.
 Levi and Cameron playing teeter-totter!
 Collette and I take a turn trying to see who can keep the other one up with help from all the kids.
 Skylar, loving the swings!
 What a beautiful little girl!
 Skylar and Kendyl trying to hold hands.
 Landon on the teeter-totter now. Love that smile!
 Oh they finally did it!
 Kadin, Jonah, Levi and Fisher climbing around.
 Cameron and Oliver going down the slide.
 Oliver's fun cake! He wants to just dig in!
 After touching the top he stared at his fingers for several seconds, then touched the frosting with his other finger and studied it some more. He was very curious about it.
 We had a lot of fun playing frisbee.
 Just like this picture!
 Watching some frisbee.

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