Monday, September 10, 2012

The Power Of Six

 I thought the first book I Am Number Four was good, but this one was even better. It had less swearing too, which made me happy. In this book Pittacus Lore jumps between two different perspectives: Number Four and Number Sevens and it made for a fun, interesting read. It had more action in it and it was nice to read about other Lorien's. Number Seven and her Cepan ended up at an orphanage and her Cepan, Katarina got so comfortable she lost sight of what their mission really was, so when the mogodorians came they weren't ready for them.  In this book we find out that instead of 9 of them there are actually 10 that made it to Earth but the Mogodorian's don't know that...yet.  I enjoyed this book a lot and am excited to read the third. I'm also excited for the second movie to come out.

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