Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3 Buns

I tried a new hair-do on Skylar again, it turned out pretty cute, it will be much cuter when her hair is thicker. Also I think I need to take a bobby-pin class because I am not good with them and I can't ever get them to stay in very good. After a couple hours her hair was falling out. 
Oh ya and no Skylar isn't sulking in the corner. I don't remember what I said to her about taking a picture but she thought I said hide and seek, so she was getting ready to count. :)
 Start with 3 pony tails.
 Twist the hair into a bun.
 Hold together with a bobby-pin.
 And you're done. Put some ribbon or flowers or whatever in it or just leave it, it's pretty either way.
I really want to try this on my hair but I think it might be too thick. Plus I'm getting it cut soon, maybe I'll try it before, we'll see. Of course you'll find out if I do.