Tuesday, February 21, 2012


See below for actual free test. This single picture is not the test.
Is your child colorblind? Have you ever checked? Did you know that if a man is colorblind then his daughters sons are more likely to be colorblind? I don't know the statistics or genetics, I am not an expert or anything, just have an interest. My dad is color blind and two of my sons, Levi and Fisher are color blind, luckily Kadin and Skylar are not. Color blindness is not a bad thing (I don't think) they may end up struggling in school a little but so far my two sons are doing great and it doesn't seem to affect them (that I know of).
If you don't know whether your child is color blind or not click below for a free online test to check and see. The picture above is what EVERYONE should see, so don't go by that. The test says it's for ages 3 and up but Skylar knows what a circle and square are so she was able to do it, and you could do take it yourself too.

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