Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lemi Shine

So, I've heard lots of great hype about Lemi Shine, The Hard Water Expert! Sometimes I get hard water build up in my dishwasher and it leaves white film on tons of my dishes. So, I decided to try this. I used it for about 5 days and I do have to say it did help the hard water issue. The white film is no longer on my dishes, however it did bring on another issue. The powder from it (and tiny food particles) end up in all my bowls and a few other things after it's all completely done washing and drying. Sometimes there's more powder left than other times but there is always some powder left. So, for me and my experience I have decided this. When my hard water build up gets bad again I will use the Lemi Shine in my empty dishwasher (that's what you're supposed to do at first), then I'll do a load of dishes and see if the hard water build up is gone. If not I'll do another empty load with the Lemi Shine then try it again. That way there isn't powder (which doesn't make me excited to eat out of my dishes) ending up in my dishes and I'm not having to re-rinse everything. So, this product gets rid of the hard water like it says and I'll continue to use it.
 There are 2 steps to this detergent. 1 is to first put it in and run your dishwasher empty, this will clean your dishwasher. 2 is to fill your main compartment with Lemi Shine and your pre-wash with your normal detergent and run your dishwasher with a full load. I will no longer be doing step 2.
 Gross right?
 And this was one of the better days.
 I think this one was the worst today.


  1. Hello Kristi!

    This is Angela with Lemi Shine! I'd love to discuss the issue you are seeing here and try to get you the best results possible. I think you would love Lemi Shine and would love using it in every wash if you were to see spot free, food particle free dishes. Let me know if you would like to discuss. You can email me at or send me your # and I'll give you a call. Have a great weekend Kristi! And thanks for giving Lemi Shine a try!

    -Lemi Shine Ang

    1. Wow thanks for your comment Angela. I will for sure send you an email. I'm interested to hear what you have to say.