Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Displaying Kids Art

I've been wanting a way to display my kids art they create. I've always hung stuff on the fridge but with 4 kids that really clogs up the fridge and they're always falling down. So today I got huge 2 gallon ziploc bags from the dollar store and some cool looking duct tape at Wal-Mart. I decided to put them on the walls of the stairs. We are frequently going up and down the stairs so I think that's a good place for them and we'll see them often. I just duct taped around all the edges and then the zipper edge I duct taped as well but I didn't put any of the tape on the wall, only the bag so that it couldn't stick to the wall. That way we could still open it and put stuff in.
 I told all the kids to go and get something they've done that they wanted displayed. Levi went to his memory box and grabbed a picture from when he was in preschool 5 years ago, a picture he made 2 years ago and another picture from last year. I'm glad he wants us to see so many things.
 Fisher wanted to display the penguin he made and a picture of Jesus Christ.
 Skylar, putting her picture inside.
 Her art never lasts very long so she created this today to display. I'm surprised she didn't just put tiny little circles all over the whole thing, that's what she's been doing every time she colors or draws for the past 2 weeks.
 Kadin wanted to display pictures that he's had in his drawer from a friends mom and a previous scout leader.
 There are all 4 of them staggered down the stairs.
 Here they are going up the stairs.
Basically whatever they want displayed could be in these, art, awards, pictures. I was planning on putting another set on the other side of the stairs for school work and school papers they bring home but I think with how often they would be removing and putting things into them that they wouldn't last very long at all.

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  1. Cute idea Kristi, all these new things sure must be fun for the kids!!