Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

I had something else planned for today but that didn't happen. Kerby and Fisher were gone ice fishing and Kadin and Levi didn't get to go because they had basketball so while running errands they asked if they could go to a movie. We went to see what was playing and they wanted to see this. I wasn't excited about seeing it but they were and that's what mattered. So, Kadin, Levi, Skylar and I saw it. Ya know what? I liked it! It was really fun and cute and I'm glad we saw it. Even Skylar sat really good and watched it. I wish I had my camera with me because afterward Skylar started dancing to the music. She even put her head down on the floor and tried to spin around like she was break dancing. Not sure where she learned that from.  I know what you're thinking friends from work and she didn't learn it from me, I wish I could do that! Maybe that will be my new challenge, to learn how to do that. HA! Anyways back to the movie, I liked it and the kids liked it. I love the little chipmunk/chipettes music clips.


  1. Did it make you want to go on a cruise?

    1. Yes actually it did! Well, more than I already wanted to.

  2. I want to go see that, it looks way cute. I am willing to go with anyone who wants to go to this one, since no one has to make a choice about which chipmunk they like best, I won't be worrying about who might be lurking in the shadows waiting to completely mess up the life of a chipmunk by choosing Jacob over Edward, I mean Alvin over Theodore or Simon. Life was easier before Twilight, now we gotta watch out for the Jacobites in our midst her might want to corrupt the Edwardites chances with Bella.