Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hair Cut

YAY! I finally went through with it and got my hair cut today! So worth the drive to Lehi to have my awesome friend Caryl cut it again. She does a fantastic job!
Thank you Caryl Ward!
Lots of people (especially Kerby) ask me why I always get so much cut off so I'm going to show you why. Oh and hey at least it's not cut to or above my chin this time, I haven't done that for 3 or 4 years.
See those hairs? Well there 6 or 7 strands there and they ALL have 2 to 3 splits in them. My worst habit is to peel my split ends. When I'm bored, nervous and so many other emotions I pick up a chunk of hair and search for split ends to peel apart. I love it! It's soooo bad for my hair yet I continue to do it. The only time I don't do it is when I get my hair cut, then I don't do it for about 5 or 6 months. Well, at this stage my hair was really bad and I could easily pick up a chunk of hair and find several strands with 2 or 3 splits in them! My favorite! What makes it even better is when my hair is wet and I find some, when it's wet you can pull it in half all the way to the root, so much fun! Pretty sad huh? I'm totally ruining my hair by doing it, that's why I have to cut so much off because the damage is so far up. :( No worries though it grows pretty fast, in fact I'm glad I'm blogging about this because I can see just how fast it does grow.
Oooh that just looks so fun! I actually made sure I had lots of fun today before they were gone. I even recorded a short little video for you all to see how well I've mastered the art of peeling my split ends but unfortunately I still can't get videos to load. So, you'll just have to imagine (actually if you've been around me very much you don't have to imagine very hard).
 There's all my hair. Not enough to donate this time but I have donated 3 different times and I believe each time was about 12 inches. This time it was REALLY unhealthy though, as you can see by the split ends.
 Here I am getting some highlights.
 Here are before and after pictures from today. :) It feels really good to have all that hair gone. 
So refreshing, light and healthy.
Caryl, you really are the best!
 Here is the other reason my hair had so many split ends (besides from me picking them). Last April the day before Hawaii! I decided to highlight my own hair! Huge mistake!!!! Never again will I highlight my own hair, or let a non-professional highlight it! This sort of thing should be left to the pros. I followed the instructions perfectly and got these terrible results. Of course I immediately fell apart and started bawling. I called up my sister Kylee who knew more about hair than I did and we had come up with 3 solutions! 1. Die it all black. (I didn't want black hair with my super pale face for my dream Hawaii vacation the next day). Of course that made me cry even harder. 2. Bleach it ALL the yellow/white color it made. Yes, that made me cry even harder. DEVASTATING! Can you imagine? I could and it was NOT pretty! 3. Wear a wig of beautiful long blonde (real) hair of Kylee's and just hope and pray that it would stay on my head at all times, including while swimming in the water!!! Yep, you guessed it, I cried some more.
Well, after thinking for a while I decided to call my friend Caryl and see if she knew how to fix it. I know it's hard to tell in the picture below on the left but she was able to fix it! She did an excellent job! I cried again, only that time it was tears of joy. Caryl, you're wonderful! The picture below is the next day in Hawaii at the Dole factory enjoying one of my favorite things about the vacation, some Dole Whipped Pineapple. YUM! I'll have to post some pics of Hawaii on here some time soon.
Here I found a picture from 3 months later where you can see my hair really good.
Caryl, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me in at a late hour and on the spot. This was one of the most devastating moments of my life, I had no idea hair could recover so well after that. Thanks for your expertise, my hair was hideous. No more do it your self highlights for me! In fact this may be the last time I get it highlighted, I really like how it looks but I may stop.


  1. First of all...your hair looks awesome now! Second of really need to stop peeling your hair!! Third...HILARIOUS that you called your previous hair highlighters "non-professional":)

    1. Haha thanks Julie! I know I need to stop, I just love doing it. Several times today I reached for my hair to do it. lol I knew you'd like that comment!

    2. What a great post! I love doing your hair. I am so glad to have you come, it always makes my day. I love helping people that are already beautiful feel and look their best! Love ya, and your welcome my pleasure!

  2. Kristi yoour hair looks georgeous. But then, your hair always looks really pretty, and no one but you can see the split ends. In fact your hair always looks really healthy and it amazes me how fast it grows. Imagine how pretty and THICK your hair would be if you would not peel the split ends!

    1. Thanks mom! Ya maybe deep down that's why I do peel it because it's already way too thick.

  3. Well I don't know who these "non-professionals" are, but you should not let people like touch your hair. Unless they are at least semi-profesh like me. :)

    1. You actually did a great job when you did it. :)