Thursday, February 9, 2012


Dang, I don't like that this is the new thing I did for today but it is something that I've never done. I know that some of you are surprised I've never done this but it's true I haven't and I really wish I could still say that. Today I was at FedEx shipping off 7 boxes of Tupperware to be replaced and I backed into the concrete part of a pole, much like the picture below, this isn't the one I ran into but I was a little frazzled and failed to take a picture so I found this one online. This is what it looked like though, only a little banged up because obviously it's been ran into a few times. 
So, after I run into it Fisher says, "that's why dad looks back when he backs up! Oh but mom you were looking back, didn't you see it?" Well, as a matter of fact I didn't see it. See how skinny the pole is and how short the concrete section is? I honestly didn't see it even though I was looking back. My back is even hurting because it was twisted because I was looking back. Also there is a blind spot in my back windshield. See below...
Luckily the only damage was on the back bumper right here.
 I can still open the back door, it just slides along the bottom though.
 See the huge section between my two back doors, this isn't the first time I haven't been able to see something because of it, luckily this is the first AND last thing I'll hit. On newer Tahoes the center section is not near that big. Well, lesson learned and at least it wasn't a child and everyone is fine.


  1. That was really cute of Fisher. Children have great insight!

  2. And I should add that I am glad you all were not hurt. Hopefully your neck gets better soon. I am sure it didn't help your already sore neck at all!

    1. Ya my neck is about the same, I need to do my exercises again. I stopped but shouldn't have.

  3. Oh NO!!!!!!! That is the WORST! I hate accidents no matter how big or small. Glad you all are fine.