Monday, February 13, 2012

Double Heart Hair-Do

A couple Sunday's ago we saw this hair-do in my sisters ward and we (my sisters and I) all fell in love with it and I just had to do it. I tried it on Sunday without twisting it and it worked and looked really cute but it kept losing it's heart shape. So, today I decided to try twisting it and bobby pinning it and it's still in heart shapes after all day. So cute! Perfect for Valentine's Day!
 This is how it looked on Sunday without the twist. I actually like the look better but it doesn't stay (at least not without bobby pins).
 This is when I did it today. Start with 2 pony tails.
 Pull on the elastic to loosen the pony tail a little.
 Put your fingers or a topsy tail tool (I made my own with wire and electrical tape a while ago) up into the hair above the elastic.
 Put the hair inside the loop.
 Pull the hair back up through your hole.
 This is how it looks.
 Split the hair into 2 sections.
 Twist each section to the outside.
 Then put together with another elastic.
 Make the heart shape and secure from behind with a bobby pin.
 Her hair is still pretty thin but I'm sure with thicker hair you wouldn't even see the bobby pins.
 Put a cute red or pink (or whatever color) ribbon or barrette where the elastic is. I made the cute barrette's she's wearing after searching forever for some at stores with no luck.
 For the next side I decided to braid it with fishtails to see how it looked. So split the hair into 2 sections and then split each section into 2 to do the fishtail braid. I won't go into that more today, maybe that will be another post. Especially since this is the first time I've done a fishtail in about 17 years.
 There's one side finished.
 After doing both sides put them together with an elastic.
 Then make your heart. I really liked how this looked too, you could even do just a regular braid. I'll be doing this hair-do quite often. Thanks to the creative woman at church for the idea, and to Maren for pointing it out. I think I'll try some other things with the heart-do too.
Which do you like best, the twist or the braid, or i guess even the loose one I did first on Sunday?

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