Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You'll Poke Your Eye Out

Yesterday the boys were playing ball and Fisher tried to grab the ball from Kadin and accidentally shoved his finger into Kadin's eye. When I got home from work he was in a lot of pain and wouldn't even let me look at it. I went to Zumba and came home to him laying on the couch still in pain. I convinced him to let me put some drops in it, I did and it stung a little but felt a little better after and he let me look at it. I couldn't see any welts or scratches but I'm sure there are some. Then with much arguing I convinced him to let me put in some antibiotic eye ointment. I did that and gave him some ibuprofen and put a patch on it. He went to bed still in a lot of pain. This morning he woke up doing much better but still was hurting quite a bit. So I redid the patch and this is how he went to school, which he wasn't thrilled about, he's just positive someone will make fun of him. Unfortunately he's probably right!!! Hopefully he comes home feeling a lot better and we don't have to take him to the doctor. I just may have to.

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