Friday, February 10, 2012

I Want One

So today I was a Costco "guest" when I went there with my mother in-law Nancy. She was so nice to take me as her guest! I sooo can't wait till the one in Spanish Fork will be complete in November. I think then it would be worth getting a membership. Well, while I was at Costco we of course got to try lots of yummy samples, I don't even remember any names of anything I tried except for the yummy things I tried that were made with the Vitamix machine. Oh boy do I want one of those!!! That thing can chop anything I think. It can grate cheese, grind wheat into flour, cook soup, chop up veggies whole, kneed bread dough. I mean, it was awesome! My mother in-law came home with one and I'm so excited for her. I want to save up to buy one. If you haven't seen one before you need to look into it. I tried tortilla soup, a green smoothie and a lemonade smoothie. Wow, it just chops so well. When he made the soup after he chopped everything up he put it on a stir setting and added black beans and tortilla chips. Mmmm it was good!


  1. Those things are awesome! My parents have one, 2 of my brothers have them, and my grandparents bought one there too. You can do you hot chocolate in it and it acutally heats it up too. They made a spinich ice cream in it that looked gross but was actually really good and super thick, you could tip the whole thing upside down and nothing came out. You can throw whole veggies in your smoothies. I'm with you on that....I want one too. :)

    1. I saw him make 4 different things and it just kept amazing me. My mother in-law used it this morning and made us all smoothies really quickly. Love it!