Monday, February 27, 2012

7 Ate 9

I tried out another new game with Kerby and Nancy and I liked it a lot. It was really challenging for me to do, you have to think a lot and I like that! It's from the company Out of the Box just like this other fun game Run Wild. I love how Out of the Box has nice plastic or metal boxes for their games, paper boxes do not last well in my house so I really like their boxes! In this game 7 Ate 9 you don't take turns just like in Run Wild and you have to constantly be thinking, don't worry though the game goes fast. That's what Kerby likes about these games. In this one you have to add and subtract numbers that are on certain cards. It's fast paced, short and exciting! It's a lot of fun, I even got the hang of it and won a few times. It makes me realize how much I need to touch up on my math skills. Actually I probably should go to school again and retake math. Haha! NO WAY! Well, if anyone wants to have a game night I'm soooo in. I LOVE games!

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