Saturday, March 10, 2012

My First Bountiful Basket

This morning I picked up my first bountiful basket. I set my alarm for 30 min. before I was supposed to be there and hit snooze 1 time, or so I thought. The alarm turned off and I woke up suddenly and thought I had missed the pick-up. I didn't obviously, I woke up with 15 min. to spare, time to get dressed and put in my contacts. I was so excited to see what I would get. I think every time I do this it will feel like Christmas to me. I love surprises and I love fresh fruits and vegetables. Hopefully we won't waste any of this. I'll have to come up with or search for some new recipes to try with all these veggies. Those peppers look so good. Today I tried an apple, orange and a mango and all were delicious. The apples were nice and crisp and sweet, the oranges and mango's were very sweet too. Very good and I'm very satisfied and excited to use some of this. I've never used kale or asparagus before so this should be interesting what I come up with.
I have to say I was ALMOST disappointed, I just about left without my veggies because I didn't know there were 2 baskets for me. So I was leaving and thinking that it wasn't very much I was getting. So I asked a woman while I was about to get into my car if her basket was the normal basket or if she got extra. She said it was just the normal basket and that I should have more than just fruits. So I went back in and my other basket was waiting for me. I remembered then that the man had told me about each basket but I thought he messed up and pointed to the wrong one at first. That would have been really sad if I had missed out on all those veggies.
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  1. Nany puts Kale in her power smoothie. And...asparagas is delicious steamed and then put butter and salt and pepper on it:)

    Remember how you WON at laser tag tonight??

    1. Thanks Julie!
      Yes it was so awesome that I won, especially over all those men!!!