Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Chimney Sweep Charm

Yes another book review. I pulled an almost all nighter and read this entire book because it was due back to the library so I had to get it read. I was planning on finishing during the day but ended up staying up till 4:30 reading it, once I started I surprisingly didn't fall asleep or feel tired, even after I was done I had a hard time falling asleep. Usually when I read at night I fall asleep a lot faster than I want. 
The Chimney Sweep Charm is another book by Marcia Lynn McClure and it was quite charming. I love her book. Most of them are set in old fashion times but not this one. This one was more up with the times. I love both versions she writes though. Getting back into reading her books again makes me want to re-read my favorites from her. This is not one of my favorites but it was still good. All her books are good, I haven't read one I didn't like. I believe my favorite is The Visions of Ransom Lake. 
I obviously enjoyed reading this book though because I read without stopping. I do wish it hadn't ended so quickly though. Marcia Lynn is so descriptive in her writing it's very easy to imagine being there, I almost feel like I'm watching a movie while reading her books.

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