Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sportsman's Expo

Well today we went with Kerby's family to the Sportsman's Expo in Sandy. We've been wanting to go for years but just never have. The kids had tons of fun and there were some really cool things there.
Skylar and Levi wearing their antlers.
 Watching the dog show where dogs jump in the water to see how far they jump.
 You'd think my kids never go fishing by how excited they were to fish in a tank! They only go once a week or more!!!  Here's Levi and Kadin.
Fisher and Levi
 Kadin, going for the biggest fish in the tank.
 Fisher, catching his first fish, he caught 2, and Levi.
 Good job Fisher.
 Kason and Fisher
 Levi, Fisher, Kason and Skylar
 Levi shooting a bb gun (even though we have one).
 Skylar at the bug exhibit. Where they explain why bugs are important in the water.
 Levi, checking out all the bugs.
 "Hunting" for bugs.
 Levi, Terrin and Fisher practicing their casting.
 A cool little owl.
 A beautiful  falcon, my kids wanted me to buy it!
 Sugar Gliders, Kadin REALLY wanted one!!
 Look, he got to hold it on his hand and it jumped off and glided to his owner.
 Here's a close up where I cropped it so you could see it gliding in the air better, look to the left.
 They had a booth where you could hold a bear and get a picture taken for $15. We didn't do it, we just went up and looked. If we did it we would have had to pay for 4 because the kids were arguing over who would hold the bear and they wouldn't let you pass it around, you had to pay again, and you only got to hold it for about 10 seconds. So, we didn't do it, although it would have been fun.
 So cute! I think they said they were 9 weeks old.
It was a long, fun day! The kids wanted to do everything that was there, mostly they wanted to keep doing the WII game where you shoot Utah Carp with arrows.

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