Thursday, March 8, 2012


Chorizo is one food I can definitely say I will NEVER buy again. I seriously kept gagging while once I tasted it. I only had 2 bites (I spit both out) one after it was cooked and one after eggs were added and it was cooked. GAG! I saw Pork and Beef Chorizo in the store and thought I'd try it. While I was checking out the checker was saying that he grew up eating Chorizo, that his mom always made red eggs with it. I asked what red eggs were and he said you cook the chorizo then add eggs and scramble it. He said it was really good. Well, then I knew what I'd make with it. Red Eggs. N-A-S-T-Y-!
 Here it is being cooked, it's already starting to look gross.
 Here it is cooked. It's really spicy and has another bad flavor (to me) and a really weird texture.
Here are with the eggs added.
 All done and ready to attempt eating.

I tried it and gave it a really good chance (I felt) but I just couldn't keep from gagging over the texture and the flavor. The spiciness calmed down a lot but the flavor was still not good to me. Kerby and the kids all say they liked it, everyone but Skylar ate all that was on their plates. They all said I was crazy and that it was good. So, I just asked Kerby if he would want me to buy it and make it again. He said no! So, it must not have been that good to him. So, so sorry to El Mexicano, the makers of Chorizo but I do not recommend it. Oh I almost forgot to mention. I checked the ingredients of chorizo, here they are for the beef: Beef [Salivary Glands, Lymph Nodes and Fat (Cheeks & Tongue)], Beef, and then some spices and stuff. NO WONDER the texture was bad, the first ingredient are cow salivary glands, slimy! Ok well it didn't really seem very slimy, a little, but it was weird, it mostly just seemed soggy (for lack of a better word). Anyways, sorry to you chorizo lovers out there and to El Mexicano.

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  1. I ate eggs and chorizo at my friends home in Mexico...I liked it then...but we tried it at a restaurant once in Spanish Fork and my husband and kids named them "poo eggs". We aren't fans either...