Friday, March 9, 2012

Field Trip

Today I went on Fisher's Kindergarten field trip, finally my name was drawn to go help on one!!! I was in charge of 4 kids and they were all really good for me, well better than I expected anyways. This is on the bus.
 The two girls were fighting over who got to sit by me, one even tried to get even closer than the other girl by attempting to sit on my lap. She just slowly eased onto my lap, I asked her what she was doing and she said she needed to be closer than the other girl and she was sitting on my lap then she hurried and got on the rest of the way. Of course I told her she couldn't sit on my lap but she could still sit by me. Then they saw me send a text to a friend and they wanted to do the same. So they each took turns texting Amanda, Tina and Kylee. Silly girls.
 First we went to the Scera Theater and saw the play "Tremendously Tall Tales" they did 3 mini plays for it, Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Johnny Appleseed. The kids had a lot of fun and laughed and laughed and lauged. I enjoyed it too. We all got a few snacks.
 Then we walked across the street to the park and ate lunch and played on the playground.
Then we hopped back on the bus and went to the BYU Bean Museum and had a fun time there. The kids thought everything was so cool. The girls thought all the little animals like little birds, mice, chipmunks, anything tiny was just sooooo cute and soooo sad that they were dead. One girl said the peacocks were simply gorgeous and the girls were scared of the lions and crocodiles and stuff like that! So fun! Fisher really liked the huge bug collection and the fish of course. He really liked the huge elephant too and said that he didn't know they were that big. He wanted so bad to pet the lion and huge grizzly bear. It was a fun day and I'm glad I finally got to go. I enjoyed it all except for the headache, that wasn't from the kids though, that was from the bus ride, you know, a little bus sickness.
 They all were glad there was a cage around this porcupine.
 They just had to have a picture between the rhino and hippo.
 Goofing off on the bus ride home.

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