Monday, March 26, 2012


Well today's daily dose is another thing I wish wasn't my new thing for the day. Today Levi had to get stitches. He split his eyebrow open really bad. The Dr. said it looked like there was one layer of tissue left before his skull would show. It was really deep. He got 8 stitches.
 Not happy about the news that I'm taking him in for stitches. Like the blood on his shirt? You should have seen the pool of blood on my bathroom floor, not to mention the trail from downstairs to upstairs and into the bathroom.
 Here's the story. Levi and Kadin were goofing around this morning and both ended up pulling on the same shirt. The shirt slipped out of Kadin's hand and Levi fell and hit his head on this chair.
 The Dr. gave him the option of having a shot to numb it or a gel that they would have to put on several times and would take at least 30 min. to numb. Well of course he chose the gel. :( Unfortunately he still felt a lot of it after waiting 35 minutes. He's decided if there is a next time that he'll just get the shot. Let's hope there is no next time. So this picture is of him with the gel in it.

 This is a little vacuum suction thingy. He filled the syringe up twice with a cleaning solution and put the suction thing over the wound and pushed down pretty hard then pushed the solution out. It makes it so the cleaner can get in everywhere and clean it really good.  Levi said it really hurt. He handed it to me and said to keep it and use it anytime there are other wounds needing cleaning.  The ladies at work want me to see what else I can do with this little tool here, like a new thing for 30 days. Haha! We'll see....
All ready to stitch up.
I've only been stitched up before, never seen it happen. The "needle" is curved like a fishing hook. Poor kid, every stitch Levi would cringe and clench his fists. He had 8 total.
 He did so good and was so brave even though it was hurting. He didn't even cry at all during it. Well, he did at home when it happened but not during the stitching.
This is Levi 4 days later.


  1. Brave little kid. Now that I can see it up close and not in a little phone picture, it looks so much worse. Its amazing how a simple little game can bring back results. I am glad it wasn't worse.