Monday, March 5, 2012

Healthy Day

Well today I guess I was in a healthy mood because I did lots of healthy things today. I really should be like this every day so I can be in better shape and have more energy. First of all I started a healthy/exercises challenge today with some friends and family. Then at work during lunch the cafeteria had lots of different samples of healthy foods. They had dried roots and wasabi peas from Nutty Guys and some jicama. They had other things too but these are the things I hadn't tried.
These were the dried roots. I THINK the 2 orange ones were dried sweet potatoes, it tasted like a chip. I think the yellow one is dried potato but Amanda tried it so I'm not sure. I have no clue what the red could be but it tasted like a tortilla chip to me. I thought they were pretty good.
 These are wasabi peas. Wasabi is a weird flavor. These were very hot right at first but the heat doesn't last or linger. Very interesting. I didn't really care for them so I didn't finish them. They were ok but quite weird to me.
 This is the jicama. I really liked it. I didn't expect the flavor that came from these. The texture is like an apple but it tastes to me exactly like a pea you get straight from the pod, actually it might taste a little bit more like the pod itself when it's fresh. Very pea-like flavor though. I think Kerby and the kids would really enjoy jicama. During the summer they go crazy for the peas just off the vine.
This morning I signed up for Bountiful Baskets here. I get to pick that up on Friday. Today I also had a little bit more of Cori's chia seed bars. After work I stopped at Good Earth Natural Foods in Provo and bought some Chia Seeds for $7.85. Not an excellent price but it would have cost more money (and time) for me to drive to another store (way out of my way) to get it for a little bit better price so I just got some there. (I just found out they had some pre-packaged seeds for $6.99 a lb there too). In the future watch for some recipes containing chia seeds. Then I stopped at the grocery store and got some vegetables. Man what's the deal with me lately? I guess I'm just tired of being unhealthy. It's also pas time for me to check my antioxidant level again so I want to really try eating healthier for a month or so then get it tested. We'll see. I'm so excited for bountiful baskets, I just hope we don't waste it, I really hope we eat it all.


  1. what test do you get to test your antioxidant level?