Monday, March 12, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Today we celebrated Brooke's (Kylee and Matt's baby) first birthday together. Her birthday isn't till the 19th but since they are here visiting from North Carolina we celebrated it now. First of all it was so good to see them again, it seems like Brooke has grown so much and looks so different. She's such a cutie! I haven't been posting about cousins birthdays unless they are celebrated at the same time as one of my kids but this is Brooke's first and I needed a new thing for today. Hehe! It was also Carrie and Nik's birthday today too. Happy Birthday!!!
 Here's her pretty cake, Kylee didn't let her dive into since it's not her real birthday yet. That's ok, she'll have fun when she does get to.
 Brooke wondering why everyone is singing to her.
 Please just let me grab the pretty light. (That's what Kadin did on his first birthday, then he didn't want anything to do with the cake at all.)
 At least she got to stick her finger in it and eat some frosting.
 My kids with Chuck E Cheese. Kadin was just thrilled to be in it!!!
 Gage and Skylar taking a ride.
 Levi and Skylar on the dragon.
 Fisher punching out ducks.
 Fisher and Skylar on the dragon now.
Skylar and Fisher on the big truck.
 Haha! I LOVE Skylar's face in this one.
 I love both of their faces in this one. Jonah decided to hitch a ride.
 Skylar getting her picture taken next to Chuck.
Levi wanted in on the action.
 Matt, Kylee and Brooke getting a family sketch.
 Skylar riding up the clock.
Can I touch his nose?
Fisher so excited he won that many tickets.
 Levi...not sure what this game was but the kids liked it.
Kadin shootin' some hoops.
 Score! That reminds me, I really should post all their basketball pics on here.
 Fisher and Kerby taking some shots.
Kadin and Somer shooting water into the target.
 The prize they won with all their tickets.
 These are all the sketches we got, I think I'm actually going to have them framed (without all the chuck e cheese sayings). Haha! I really like them.

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