Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chia Seeds

Yep, you heard right, Chia Seeds, NOT Chia Pet.
 Did you know Chia Seeds are extremely healthy? Well, I got to try some today. My friend Cori made a dessert (I'm upset I didn't even take a picture of it) and it had chia seeds, honey, dried fruit and other healthy stuff in it. They were really good. Then my friend Marlene said that she had some chia seeds with her (we were at work). So she went and got them and let me taste some plain. They're a little bitter but kind of nutty. They remind me of sesame seeds a little. Although they were a little bitter I read that whatever food you add them to they just enhance the flavor of that food and make it better.
Chia seeds have lots of antioxidants in them. They also have calcium, protein and many other things. I recommend you read this whole article about them. Top 10 Benefits of Eating Chia Seeds.
They help in weight loss because tiny, healthy seeds can be made to taste like whatever you want, and their unique gelling action keeps you feeling full for hours. Also they give you energy. They can help balance your blood sugar and can help prevent diverticulitis. There are many more benefits to eating chia seeds.
I plan on getting me some and adding it to many things that we eat. I'm super excited about them. Thanks Marlene and Cori for letting me try some today.
I've heard that you can get them for as little as 3.99 a lb (that's a lot of seeds) so be careful when you buy them. 
This is the best deal I saw on Amazon, but definitely shop around. Especially if you have access to a health food store. If you got this 5 lb bag it would probably be best if you split it with someone. Although I read that 1 lb will last about a month for 1 person if you use it consistently.
When I buy some I'll let you know how much they were and where.


  1. Hmmmm sounds like I better get some of those!

  2. I plan on making a trip to Sunflower Market this weekend:)