Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green Pepper Shamrocks

We painted with the paint I made Homemade Washable Paint and tried making shamrocks with green peppers. It didn't turn out as well as I planned, the shamrocks or the paint but hey the kids had fun!
 I just used the tops of the green peppers, maybe it would have worked better to use the middle which would also have been easier for the kids to hold if they had most of the pepper to hold on to.

 Levi's the artist of the family.
 Ok maybe ALL the kids didn't have fun. Kadin was too caught up in the fact that the paint wasn't working as well as he anticipated. He does want to try it outside sometime though.
 Skylar enjoying it!
 Fisher had a blast, he didn't care at all that it wasn't the best paint to finger paint with on paper.
So, the big question. Is it really washable? Will it come out of my kids clothes?
Here is Skylar's shirt after she was done. I was really wishing I'd changed her shirt first.
 Here it is washed but not dried because there is some of the stain there. I did spray it with Spray N Wash but it's not completely gone so I didn't dry it yet. I'll spray it and wash it more and hopefully the stain leaves. I'll edit this post later to let you know. Most of it did come out though. Oh and it easily came off of the table and their hands.

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