Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is It Broken?

 Yep, it's Kadin again! Today I spent most of the day at the doctor and getting Kadin's wrist x-rayed. Last night he was riding his rip-stick downhill and crashed and fell off. When I got home from work he had a really big goose egg and was pretty scratched up. I guess the bump on his head was as big as a golf ball when it first happened. We had wondered if his wrist was broken and when he woke up crying several times in the night crying (even with pain killers) I decided we better take him in and see. It's not broken, unless the break or fracture is right on the growth plate which is very hard to see. While we were at the doctor's office he put a splint/temporary cast on. It get's kind of hard like a cast but can be removed for showering. He has to wear that for 3 weeks, after that if he's not actively using it by then we have to go back in. We really need to invest in helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads and wrist guards!!
His arm and elbow.
Temporary cast


  1. Holy Molly! I hope he heels fast!

    1. Thanks Elaine, he's doing really good now. Wrist still hurts some but not bad.