Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dentist and Ouch!

I took Skylar for her first ever tooth repair experience and I was unnecessarily nervous for her. I am still sulking that nitrous oxide (laughing gas) was not available when I was a kid (or movies)...or at least that I wasn't able to have it if it was around. My kids all love the dentist and I'm so happy about that. I absolutely dislike the dentist and always will because of all my horrid experiences. I've had nightmares about the dentist before.
Skylar did so great, she had the laughing gas for a little bit and when the dentist gave her a shot she laid there the entire time with her legs crossed and her fingers extended. She didn't even clench her fists! I was sitting over in the chair clenching mine just waiting for it to hurt her and it never did. She did not flinch once. Even when he drilled the small cavity out she didn't ever flinch or anything. She wasn't scared and absolutely loved it! I however was cringing from the drilling sound and hated just being in the same room with it. I am so happy that it went well and that she still loves the dentist.
 Tonight Fisher dropped a 3 lb weight on his foot. Ouch! He decided he doesn't like weights anymore.

And this is just a random picture one of the kids took of Kadin and Mia and Kadin really wanted me to put it on here. :)  What a handsome kid!

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