Friday, August 3, 2012


Yep, another movie post. Sorry summer has been so crazy that lots of days it's hard to come up with AND follow through on a new idea/thing to do each day and a movie is relaxing so I'm fitting those in on the weekends as much as possible. Tonight Tina and I watched Thor and it was a great movie. I really wish I had watched it and Captain America, which I still need to see, before seeing The Avengers. I bet not many people saw the very ending of the movie after all the credits got done, because it was a long list of credits and they waited till it was finished. I was sad about the bridge and him not seeing his girl anymore, but obviously he makes it back although I don't remember how and don't recall him seeing the girl again. I probably need to watch The Avengers again. Both great movies, I love super hero movies. I did fall asleep several times for a couple minutes but it was still good, I was just super tired.

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