Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School

Another first day of school come and gone. Homework...sigh, learning....good, tears....heartbreaking, quiet house....tranquil.
The kids were ready for school by 7:00 and Fisher was asking me every 5 minutes if it was time to go yet. School starts at 9:00 so I kept telling him that the teachers weren't even there yet. He didn't care, he said he just wanted to go sit at his desk and wait until she came. He was, well they all were way excited for school to start. So we get there and find all their classes. While walking back down the hall to leave I see Levi out in the hall with his teacher and he's crying...again. He cries almost every year. I just pray this isn't a repeat of first grade where he cried the first 2 weeks of school and after that about once a week he'd still cry. The very last day (the party day) he cried about school. Second grade was a million times better and third grade was good too (great teachers). So, I tried to settle him down by having him get a drink and splashing water on his face (which helps it look like they haven't been crying, I've learned) and having him take deep breaths. Nothing was seeming to work, he just kept sobbing. He told me he was scared and that he'd miss me and wanted me to home school him (which was great that he was actually telling me because in the past he wouldn't ever tell me the problem). I told him he didn't need to be scared because he's done it before and he'll get used to it really fast and only a few things will be different. Then I told him I'd miss him too and he'd only be gone a few hours then we'd see each other again and everything would be ok. I also told him that I had no idea how to home school and that I thought he'd miss being able to have so many friends around. I thought I had him calmed down and we went to go back in and he started sobbing again. So, I actually pulled him aside and we went and sat down in the hall and said a little pray for him. That seemed to help him a lot, he walked right in there with me and I told him I'd stay for a few minutes but that when it was time for me to leave he needed to be strong and remember that he needs to be in school and that he can do it. So, I stayed in for a few minutes and when I left I gave him a thumbs up and winked at him and he was fine. When he got home he said he really likes his teacher. Yay!! We'll see how tomorrow goes.
 Fisher originally had a teacher that I strongly do not want anymore of my kids to have as a teacher. So, I was able to have him switched and you know what he loves his new teacher and I'm so excited to see a different 1st grade teacher in action. Already I like her too and think she'll be great.
 He was so excited but timid when it came time to actually walk into his classroom.
Kadin didn't get a chance to meet his teacher last night at the open-house so he wasn't sure who she was. Well, he came home today and said she is who she was hoping for. So, he likes his teacher too. They all like their teachers and I'm so happy about that. I think/pray this is going to be a good year.  Now if I can just get in gear and be a productive person this year...especially this week to begin with.


  1. Looks like they had a fun time. I am glad they all like their teachers. Sad that Levi cries. But it's sweet that he wants to be with his mom.

    1. It is very sweet that he wants me...but makes it hard when school time comes. I think maybe he needs to be in summer school so it's not so hard to go back every year. I don't know...

  2. I bet each year it will get a little easier. But there is nothing wrong with summer school, and his skills will only increase!