Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tonight all three boys played their first soccer games of the season and Levi played for the first time ever. He's never wanted to sign up for soccer until this year and he's super happy that he's playing because he loves it and is awesome at it, I was surprised with how aggressive he was! Fisher's team lost 2-8, Levi's team won 6-2 and Kadin's team won 4-2. Kadin scored 3 of their goals and was happy all night about that. He couldn't stop talking about how he scored one of them from almost half a field away. Unfortunately Kerby was at scouts and I was at Fisher's game so none of us saw how awesome he did. Levi and Fisher almost scored goals, they both assisted in the scoring though. It was a fun night of soccer!
 Also unfortunately I did not have my camera so I took pictures with my cell phone and it does not take good pictures.
 Here is Levi kicking the ball.
 Levi just kicked it toward the goal but it was stopped.
Here is Fisher getting ready to kick it.
 It started raining on us and we got to see a double rainbow. Skylar thought it was so pretty and awesome.

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