Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dog Thief

Tonight has been a fun and crazy night! The fun part was the awesome Paparazzi party I did at Amanda's house. Thanks Amanda for doing a party for me, it was really fun and good to see you're cute house. Thanks for the great party! Also today we sold our last puppy to a cute little family from Nevada, Kerby just happened to be driving to their town today and was able to bring him to them.
Before I left for the party someone tried to steal our dog!!! I was sitting in the front room getting the jewelry ready for the party and Skylar was sitting at the window just looking out it. Our Basset Hound Mia was sitting on the front porch waiting to be let back into the house. I could hear her collar jingling when she'd move. So we're just sitting there and Skylar tells me that someone is here. I thought I heard a car pull up but that happens all the time and it just ends up being someone driving by. So, I just thought it was another drive by and asked Skylar if they stopped at our house. She said they did, so I started to stand up and I heard someone whistle and call for a dog to come to her. I hear Mia going down the stairs while I look out the window. The woman had her door open and was calling Mia to her. I went to the door and she had Mia by the collar and was trying to get her to jump into her car. Mia was trying to pull away. I shouted "hey" at her and she looked up and said, "this is my dog." I said, "no, she's MY dog, she was sitting here on my porch waiting to be let back in." Then I called Mia and the woman let go. Mia ran up to me and ran into the house and the lady quickly sped away. So, everyone locally watch your dogs, especially purebreeds. She was driving a gold car and had short brown hair....that's all I know. I tried to see the lisence plate but my poor eyesite (even with contacts in) couldn't make it out once I decided to look.
I didn't think about this until Julie mentioned it tonight (thanks for coming Julie :)) that maybe it was a friend of the lady who was begging me to sell Mia to her the other day. She was looking at the last puppy we had to decide if she wanted to buy him. Her Basset Hound had just died 1 1/2 weeks before and was only 5 years old, Mia is 6. She kept trying to persuade me to sell Mia to her because she just loved her and she looks similar to her dog that died and kept saying that she's so well behaved and listens to me so well. I kept telling her that I wasn't selling her, she decided not to buy the puppy. I really hope it's not connected. Although if she does turn up missing, I do have this woman's contact info and could probably track her down.
Anyways, crazy day!!

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