Monday, August 20, 2012

Men In Black 3

 Today right after the school open-house we went to see this. One last fun thing before school starts because we're about to get really, really busy. This was another good movie! Man I really enjoy almost ever movie we go see. Then again I don't go see a movie that doesn't look really good to me...usually! This was clean, no swearing (from what I remember) and very funny. All the MIB's have been funny but I think this one was the funniest. I loved how they would go back in time, I thought that was really cool and interesting. I thought the ending was really good, but really sad too. I wonder if they're done with MIB movies after an ending like that? The villain in this movie does a great job and I love it when the good guys win. :) I enjoyed the new character Griffin and hope that they do have more movies just so they can show more of him. Griffin is a hyper-dimensional alien with the ability to see all outcomes — good and bad — of every possible reality. Anyways, we all enjoyed watching it and Kerby and I had some good, needed laughs.
Have a fun first day of school tomorrow everyone. My kids went to bed sulking that they had to start school tomorrow. Does that mean we had too much fun during the summer or not enough??

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