Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Levi's Pinewood Derby

 Tonight Levi had his cub scout pinewood derby. He and Kerby worked so hard on his car and did an awesome job. Levi named his car the Black and won the Black Streak award. He won a few races after turning his car backwards to get the weights on the right end. He didn't make it to the final four though. He was a trooper though and didn't get upset or complain about it. He just kept watching the other cars excitedly. The pinewood derby is always a fun pack night to go to. Way to go Levi and all other cub scouts.
I love Fisher and Levi's game faces while waiting for the race.
 Wow! This year Levi can even see over the track to put his car up. Last year he was too short.
 Receiving his "Black Streak" award.

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  1. Congratulations Levi, it looks like you had a lot of fun!