Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Today the kids and I along with Carrie and her kids and Tina's kids went to see Rio at the Spanish Fork Theater, their dollar showing. Can you believe it that my kids and I had never seen Rio? Well, we hadn't. I thought for sure at least my kids had at someone's house but they hadn't. So, it was a fun movie for us all to see. I think Kerby really would have enjoyed it too. That's one I'll have to buy, even Skylar sat through it. In fact I didn't even have to take her to the bathroom once, usually I take her at least 3 times. Landon, Easton and Oliver sat through it too. It's not very often that all the young kids are holding that still and a movie keeps their interest that long. Super cute, clean movie to watch. Why can't we have more like that?!? It was fun listening to the music I hear and dance to during Zumba so often. I was doing the dance steps in my head while watching. If you haven't seen Rio yet, I strongly recommend it....if you don't mind kid movies like me. Oh ya and I just discovered there will be a Rio 2 in 2014. That's some exciting news.

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