Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Run Wild

We tried a new game called "Run Wild" by Out of the Box. I got it at Deseret Book for $10 before we went to Nevada for Thanksgiving. I wanted to play it with lots of people so I could get some different reviews for you all to read. Personally I really enjoy the game! It's for 2 to 4 players. It's more fun with 4 players. I'm thinking about buying another set so that we can have 4 to 8 players. This is a game where you need to think and move quickly, especially with more players. With the right group it can be really fun and exciting. You all go at the same time instead of taking turns which makes it fun. It's easy to understand and catch on quickly. It's quick and simple, yet fun!
Levi's review- "After I understood how to do it and what runs and sets were it was fun can we play it again every night?"
 Kadin's review- "well it was hard at first but now I really like it and want to play it again."
Kerby's review- "It was ok, do I have to play it again?" (He doesn't like games but humors me sometimes) NOW a day after I post it he texts me and says "I really like that game because everyone goes at once, no waiting around for your turn. I wonder if there are other games that could be done that way."

 Just having a little break at work!
Audrey's review- "I think that it was a way fun game and perfect for the holidays and family time."

 Amanda's review- "The game is more fun than I thought it would be. It really gets you thinking but at the same time isn't too difficult. I give 'Run Wild' 2 thumbs up!"
 Julie's review- "I loved Run Wild...everyone can play at the same time...no waitin for turns...it goes fast...there is no getting bored...it is easy to learn...easy to take places...fun for all ages."
 NOOOOOOOOO I'm using that card!
Jared's review- "Super intense and lots of fun." (I think Kerby would enjoy it if he played with Jared!)
Mandee's review- "I thought you were too slow and could never have beaten me :-). So it was too easy for me. Okay, I thought it was fun. It was rummy except everyone plays at once. Kind of crazy but I liked it!"
Nancy's review- "Easy to learn, fun to play. I like games that don't take a long time to learn or have lots of complicated rules. This game wasn't like that. You can basically sit down and start playing, but it's still fun.

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  1. Run Wild is a fun game. Almost as fun as PASS!