Monday, December 5, 2011

New Baby

I have two new things today. I got to hold my new nephew Mason and I discovered my new camera that my mother in-law Nancy gave me can take black and white photos! Mason was born December 4, 2011 7 lbs 5 oz & 18 1/2 inches. He's such a cutie! He looks so much like his older brother 2 year old Landon.

Levi, Jonah, Kendyl and Kadin all listening to
baby Mason's first cry.

Here's a video of him being weighed,
before his first bath.

He loves to stick out his tongue and he was so alert. This is when my battery died so the pictures I got on my own are from today, day 2.

Big brother Jonah giving Mason a kiss.

Big sister Kendyl so happy to have a new brother.
Big brother Landon is really happy too.

Grandma Nancy

Favorite Aunt Kristi

Awesome Uncle Kerby

Cousin Fisher who has a little sore throat like Kendyl only held him for 3 seconds.

Cousin Skylar who's not sure what to think about the little guy.

I'll have to get more pictures from Tina with at least some of her and Jason
holding him and other family members too.

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  1. What cute photos. Mason is a sweet baby, and amazingly enough, I think Tina finally has a baby that looks like her! Although the McNeil side has sure made some cute, adorable McNeil grand children, I am sure the Jensen side will be just as cute and adorable, with a little more blonde!