Monday, December 19, 2011

Kadin's birthday & Christmas Party

 I've never hosted a Christmas party at my house before. Sometimes we go to my moms and sing songs around a table full of candy and oranges. Also for Kadin's birthday we never have a family party, we always just have him open up presents on Christmas but that's always rushed and not very fun for him. So, I decided to have a party for him and a family Christmas party at my house this year. I think it turned out to be a lot of fun. I think Kadin enjoyed it a lot too, when he found out (the morning of) we were actually having a family party for him he was really excited!

First we made some snowman pizzas!
We made some Christmas ornaments that I'll post the results of sometime this week.

Kerby thought the salt dough was cookie dough! Haha!!! :D
Skylar dancing around.
Mason's first ornament!
Brooke's too!

Kadin opening his cool presents, he loved everything he got and was super excited! He got some money, a wallet, aqua sand, bop it, a snowboard, some books and a game and dad's old pocket knife.
Kadin blowing out his candles, he thought it was weird to have a Christmas tree cake. I'm planning on making him a different cake some time after Christmas and having some friends over. Hopefully that cake works the way I plan.
Then we played "pin the heart on the Grinch". I asked Collette to draw the Grinch for me, did she do amazing?

Kadin got pretty close.
 Landon, I should have lowered the Grinch for him and Skylar.

 He's feelin' the love now!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kadin, your party was great fun!