Friday, December 16, 2011

Ginger Bread House

 We usually make a gingerbread house every year and when I found the Pepperidge Farm ginger family cookies I really wanted to make one even more. So, here's our little house we made this year; candy cane fence and all! Once I started putting up the candy cane fence the kids thought I was cRaZy! You know what? About half way through so did I!!!!!!! It all turned out really good though, just took some time. It was really fun to see the different ideas each kid had, even Skylar helped a lot and came up with some of the ideas.
I just got the kit, I've never made ginger bread cookies.

 The top
I just had the thought that we should have put 4 ginger kids instead of 2.
 Dad just made a strange noise with his mouth to get all the kids to laugh.
 Skylar came to me later and showed me her "hot button man" she made.

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  1. What fun for the kids. You guys are always doing something fun!