Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Decorating the tree

I almost forgot to put these pics on, we decorated the tree on the 4th. As always the kids had a blast and mom and dad just had to sit back and watch the magic happen. I'm still experimenting with my camera and trying to figure out how to get better pics for every situation and these are the best I got.
Tina was in labor with Mason while we were decorating and just as we were snapping the last picture I got a call that she would have him really fast now so I headed over to the hospital.

 I just thought this pic was cool so posted it.

 Somehow the pic made the lights come through Fisher. I need to figure that out!


  1. Wow you must have an x-ray camera that can make the lights shine through someone! The photo is way cute though!

  2. Oops that was from your mom, I don't know why I have to post a comment annonymously. There must be something I need to do, but my profie isn't on the list, but it won't let me comment without selecting a profile. How do I get a profile?