Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mom's birthday surprise!

Yesterday was my moms birthday and we surprised her with dinner and by paying for a maid to come and deep clean and organize her house. We've thought about doing this many times but never followed through. I think at first she wasn't sure she was happy that we had a maid come in and see her house. Well she works full time and deserves it! After seeing everything she was really happy and pleased and quickly forgot about the fact that maids had to clean her house, after all they were paid. Oh and she was even ok with missing Zumba, her new favorite thing to do!
We also got her new curtains and shower curtain.
The maids did a really good job!
Hmm, maybe I'll hire them for my house some day.
Sorry the video is so grainy, I'll have to read tips about that.

They even organized the DVD's
Baby Mason, not happy at the moment
Brooke making everybody laugh

Skylar right after saying "can I have some cake?"
And the cake that didn't quite turn out the way it was planned. Me and one of my sisters (who prefers not to have any ownership) made this and because I don't have all the tools she has it didn't turn out perfect like planned. Mom of course still liked it! I have to say I learned a lot though, I've never tried making a cake this big. I have however had many cake disasters.


  1. Thank you for my birthday surprise. It was all so wonderful! I have a great family and I am proud of each and every one of them.