Monday, December 26, 2011

Crock pot Turkey

 We had a turkey on Christmas Eve and I decided to cook it a different way. I've been wanting to try this and when I remembered too late that I needed to start the turkey I decided now would be a good time to try it. When I cook roast I cut the meat into smaller pieces (not real small) and usually even cut it off the bone then I add cream of mushroom soup, carrots and potatoes (the way my dad always made it, only he didn't cut the meat up). Anyways this way really makes the meat tender and moist so I wanted to try it with a turkey. I cleaned out the turkey and started cutting him up (yes this turkey was a him, just because that's what came to mind first). First I cut his legs off, then his wings then breasts then everything else. I just cut the little bones with my handy Tupperware kitchen sheers. I tried getting as much skin off as possible. Once I had it all cut up which was not the funnest thing with how cold it was, my hands were freezing and it made me glad I'm not a butcher, I've cut up and wrapped plenty of meat and each time it makes me grateful I don't have to do it every day, kudos to those who can. Anyways after I had him all cut up I poured some vegetable broth (that's all I had) on him then sprinkled some season salt, I use Weber Seasoning Salt, I believe it to be the best seasoning salt available! I can't find it in most stores anymore though, the only place I can still find it is K-Mart. I think I cooked it on high for 6 hours.

Legs, he was a fatty turkey!
 Breasts and everything else
 Wish I had some turkey broth, but I had the best seasoning salt ever!
 I bet you didn't think I could fit that whole turkey in my crock pot.  I've got a huge one.
 The cooked turkey.
 Literally falling off the bone, I picked up this bone and the meat just fell off. We had shredded turkey.
 It tasted really good and moist and tender, the only problem was we were finding little bones everywhere because I didn't cut them off. If I ever do this again I'll cut all the meat off the bones too or at least cut off the little bones. I don't know, it was really good but I'm not sure I'd do that again. Normally I just inject it with turkey broth that has Weber seasoning salt in it and that is really good too just not as moist and tender. I'm not a big fan of white meat because it's so dry so I liked this way for that.

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