Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tasty Fail

Today I decided to make white chocolate candy canes for my husbands scouts. Well it turned out to be a tasty fail! First of all I HATE to follow recipes when it comes to food so whenever I can I just make things up as I go unless I know I need to follow a recipe. Well, in this case I should have looked a recipe and instructions because it was a disaster. HAHA! There has got to be some way to do this better, so I will research it and do it that way next time. Actually next time I think I'll just lay the candy canes down on wax paper and drizzle the chocolate on them. So, here's where everything fell apart....literally!
 I'm assuming the chocolate was too hot so the candy canes broke apart. The first 5 candy canes were fine (although I could feel them cracking in my fingers) but after that they all started breaking. No matter how fast I was or careful they still broke apart. That hot chocolate really weakens them I guess. Then to add to the mess the white chocolate started to burn a little on the bottom of the pan (uh, I should have removed it from the burner) so some of the candy canes have burned chocolate pieces on them. So of course I couldn't let him take those to scouts. So we HAD to eat them here. Like I thought they were delicious and taste like they came strait from heaven! :) Hehe! The kids say they are glad they broke so that dad couldn't take them with. Even the slightly burned parts tasted good. I am a major white chocolate love and I love minty things so this is one of my new favorite things. I WILL figure out how to do it. Then I'll post it in the recipes.
 Skylar wanted to help!
 First I heated up a little whipping cream, then added white chocolate chips.

See why I couldn't send them to scouts. HAHA!

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  1. Why don't you try just melting the choclate in hot water, then it won't be nearly so hot? Love ya, Mom