Friday, December 2, 2011

Play time!

Tonight Kadin and I had a mother & son night. We went to the play "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!" with the Spanish Fork Youtheatre. My friend Julie's daughter JuliAnna (she's Kadin's age) was in the play. My camera didn't have it's memory card in it so I had to take some pics with my phone so unfortunately this is the best pic I got and my pc won't let me edit it :(. At least it makes the angels look angelic! This play was super cute and in my opinion really WAS the best Christmas pageant ever! It actually brought a tear to my eye (I know that's not hard to do). Some of those kids are talented, maybe future actresses and actors!
JuliAnna is the shortest angel in the back on the left side. Even though she is super tall!
The play is going on Saturday at 2:00,
you should all go!
Wow! Sorry so grainy, I don't know what's worse,
to not have pics at all or to have really bad ones?

Then we went to Macey's grocery store
and got some ice cream!
Kadin's is HUGE!
He got chocolate and I got eggnog frozen yogurt! I've always wanted to try that but wish that I didn't. My mouth still tastes disgusting. Time to brush my teeth! It was the worst ice cream/frozen yogurt ever! It tasted really bitter or sour or something.
I wish I had just gotten plain old vanilla.
Well, now I know!
Can you believe Kadin's is a large and mine is medium and those are HUGE,
yet they have even bigger, they have kongo size.
It was a pretty fun night. Although Kadin says he doesn't want to be in any plays,
he just wants to watch some.


  1. Thanks for coming Kristi! And I love the new look of the blog! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Julie and you're welcome!