Saturday, December 31, 2011

Easy Bake Oven Pretzels

Levi got an Easy Bake Oven from Kylee, Grandma and Grandpa for an early birthday present because Kylee is moving to North Carolina. He was so excited because he loves to cook! He didn't even care that it was purple! So today he made pretzels with it and I got to try some! They're really good, now I want to play with it and I don't like to cook! Hopefully some day Levi will be my permanent least till he moves out!
 Mixing up the pretzels.
 Skylar likes it too!
 Putting some in the oven. They've got it designed so you can't really get burned.
  Landon would rather play with guns!
Mmmm cheese sauce!

 Levi made a hersheys kiss pretzel and a Jonah made a doughnut pretzel.
 Jonah trying it out.
 You're almost there.

 Tasting the tiny pretzel. It's good!
 Levi had to make a snake pretzel next.

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  1. Great cooking Levi! Kristi I hope he does become your permanent cook they are wonderful, but mine moved to North Carolina :( So now her father will have to take over. I am sure he will :) I just know it!